This is me. Living life to its fullest.

This is me. Living life to its fullest.
I'm young, single and making the best of life :) Why NOT travel!?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Visa Process= Frustration!

Wow. The Visa process is not that simple. I understand the UK wants to make sure crazy people (i.e. terrorists) aren't entering their country, but dang its so complicated! For a UK visa you need "biometric data" which is basically getting electronic finger prints and a plain digital photo of yourself. I made an appointment at the Homeland Security center down in Seattle (by the Boeing field) and thank god it didn't snow or rain while I was driving down there! My front window did get some slush stuck on it and I was out of windshield wiper liquid and my wipers suck so eventually I had to stop at a gas station and clean the front of my window. It was so cold that the water in the buckets where the windshield cleaners are was all slushy.

After eating lunch with Emil at work I gave myself like 35-40 minutes to get down there and still got lost! I took a wrong turn and ended up asking directions from this small charter airport. Finally I get to the place and the parking lot I turn into was for "authorized vehicles only" which was basically for employees. I found public parking which was freaking $6 (cash only)! And I only had $2 cash on me and the guy at the booth gave me attitude and told me that there was a 7-11 a mile down the street with an ATM. WTF!? I was already a couple minutes late, so I turn around and just end up parking at this business across the street with plastered signs everywhere that say "24 TOW AWAY". Oh well. I took the risk and parked their anyways. I was desperate and there wasn't any street parking since the place was along some random highway in south seattle....and yes, my car was still there when I came out!

So I get in the building and get my passport checked and whiz past lines...the process was actually really quick, it was just getting there and parking that sucked. Dealing with the government is so crazy, I can understand now how difficult it is for immigrants to get visas here.
Anyways, after getting my biometric data done, they give me this stamped confirmation that I just have to send with my application which I'm sending out tomorrow. I had to search for all these documents I need to include with it...hopefully I get it back in time. I should considering its for educational purposes. Ahhh! I hate dealing with all this official business stuff.

.....AND I need to start thinking about what to bring. HOLY CRAP...2 1/2 weeks until I leave!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


omg. i'm so screwed on my visa application. let's just hope it gets processed in time ***fingers crossed*** (this is what i get for procrastinating)

still in process of finding a place to live....i think i'll be renting a room at some guy's house for 75 pounds week (which is like $111.00 u.s. dollars, times 4 for a month so its like $450 per month so that's not too bad).

so i'm not packing until i get back from cali, which gives me like 4 days. wow! its coming up fast...

Friday, December 5, 2008

A companion in Paris!

- Physical exam and UW reg. turned in- CHECK
- Scholarship turned in- CHECK

- Visa application (it's taking me forever online, I don't think I saved it last time so I might have to start all over...oh crap)
- University of Sussex registration (to be mailed in and done online)
- Talk to Bank of America

---------> So my co-worker is going to be studying in Spain until March as well. We're planning to meet up in Paris to celebrate my 22nd :) Yes! I'm not going to be alone. She's also going to Italy and Greece sometime in the middle of March, and although I would love to join her especially in Greece (that's like my ultimate travel destination besides Istambul) it depends on when my finals end and if I have enough money. But Paris is for sure! I'm so EXCITED!!!! :D x 1000

Sunday, November 30, 2008

November updates

So I realized I haven't written about my trip in a while so here are some updates:
  • I bought the new macbook so I'll have it with me most of the time to keep in touch with people through the internet and of course update this blog. Plus I'm excited about the webcam to talk to friends and family! I don't think my old laptop would have survived my trip. I absolutely love this macbook though...pretty pricey but a good investment. I've been saving up, but need to keep saving up some more for this trip!
  • My ticket came in the mail about a week ago! Well not really a ticket, but the paper confirmation. I also got an international card with it, this thing better save me money so I hope my $22 was worth it. I just have to find photo of myself and stick it on...which is wierd. I mean what if people put inappropriate pictures of themselves? Which I think is a dumb thing to do because you're going to be showing this card everywhere you go if you want discounts. Anyways, so yes I still have to add a photo on the card for it to be official.
  • My application to get Winter quarter credit through UW is due this Monday. It's not too bad, I'm almost done with it. The only main thing was to get a physical/medical examination and I forgot how "female adult physicals felt" are like...woah, but at least that's over with.
  • I got a registration letter from the University of Sussex and I'm supposed to register online for international students. They also sent an itinerary of all the events happening for international students including dinners, tours of the city and a daytrip to London (I'm super excited about this one)!
  • Darielle (my study abroad advisor) emailed all the Sussex students telling us we only had to apply for a short term visa, which I still have to do.
  • Still don't have an update from the housing office on my homestay status. I applied for homestay almost a month ago, so hopefully they get back to me ASAP. I have no idea where I'm going to live!
  • On a more personal note, my Auntie was giving me a hard time when she found out I was going to study abroad in England. My cousin just got stationed here in the Northwest (Whidbey Island) and she's freaking out because I won't get to bond with him. But I explained I'll only be gone for 3 months, and I'm pretty sure my cousin will be here for at least 6, plus he undertands....we'll just make the most of it while I'm here.
  • My other Auntie just told me she had an international phone so all I have to do is get a simcard when I get to Brighton, but I don't plan on calling home that much...that's what the computer is for, video chat and skype! But I'm pretty sure I'll need it for local calls, I imagine myself getting lost there already :/

Saturday, November 8, 2008

book ticket- check!

i booked my flight ticket today! so how ridiculous is this, i went over to the STA travel store on the Ave to get help on booking a cheap ticket, but the flight they found me was way more than the one i found i just ended up buying a ticket on my own from

Leave: January 07, 2009Delta Air Lines 1050
Depart 06:05 AM Seattle - Tacoma Intl.,(SEA)
Arrive 01:45 PM Atlanta Hartsfield Intl.,(ATL)Delta Air Lines 12
Depart 05:35 PM Atlanta Hartsfield Intl.,(ATL)
Arrive 06:55 AM London Gatwick,(LGW)

Return: March 27, 2009Delta Air Lines 11
Depart 08:15 AM London Gatwick,(LGW)
Arrive 02:05 PM Atlanta Hartsfield Intl.,(ATL)Delta Air Lines 1063
Depart 09:15 PM Atlanta Hartsfield Intl.,(ATL)
Arrive 11:37 PM Seattle - Tacoma Intl.,(SEA

Monday, November 3, 2008

It's finally sinking in!

Just created a new blog for my big trip to England. I figured livejournal was too outdated, plus I needed a fresh account for my travels. I'll be writing in here consistently and updating on pre departure to-do's, my experience in Europe, and maybe a little post departure feelings. It's also kind of cool to look back on this experience later in life, at least I'll have a written account of this one-in-a-life-time opportunity.

So I had a meeting with my study abroad advisor last week and it's finally setting in that I actually am going to England! Gosh, there's so much I need to do before I leave, I can't believe I only have 2 months!

Planned departure date: Jan 5, 6 or 7th
Planned return date: March 26, 27, 28th (we'll see about this one, I maybe traveling around Europe if I'm not totally broke by then, but I should be back by April)

- talk to STA travel and book plane ticket
- apply for study abroad scholarship (Due by Nov 10th)
- get physical screening
- make sure my insurance is up-to-date (esp. for traveling internationally) and something about making sure my family can get my remains back to the U.S. if something should happen to me (scary!)
- apply for student visa
- meet up with other UWer's that are going
- start thinking about what I want to pack (my goal is to bring 2 medium sized suitcases, but that is a GOAL)

Ah! So many things to do , so little time!